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Course Curriculum

Basic Construction Management Training Course
Introduction to Construction Management 00:16:00
Cost Estimation 00:34:00
Role of Cost Estimator and New Aspects of Cost Estimation 00:10:00
Elements and Factors influencing Cost Estimation 00:16:00
Cost Estimation in the Construction Industry 00:38:00
Cost Management 00:19:00
Management of Material for construction 00:20:00

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  1. 5

    I now have a great deal of knowledge about Civil Engineering and Construction. These parts and themes have greatly benefited me, and the information they provide is more valuable to someone who wishes to work in the construction industry. In other words, this will assist me in growing and adding more courses and certificates to my CV.

  2. 5

    “Insightful and educative. During course, gone through practical examples related to construction and that made it easy to understand. Thank you for such data.

  3. 4

    Covered a lot of issues relating to construction management. Didn’t have this much idea and knowledge on this. Units were well presented and organized brilliantly. Not a boring one! Recommended!